Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Holsters to keep cops safe...

It was long ago when I was a young Chicago cop and was looking for holsters for the various handguns that I carried. I was in luck because the companies in the holster making business were locked in a design and quality battle to make the best holsters that would keep guys like me safe while doing my job.

On the North Side of Chicago there was a storefront shop on Rogers Avenue. That was where Galco Gunleather was born. The enthusiastic, bright and young captain of the ship was a Wayne Newton look-a-like, Rick Gallagher.

Gallagher was and is an unrelenting perfectionist who was out for nothing less than to take over the industry with holsters second to none. That was a tall expectation considering that the venerable holster makers, Neal Perkins and John Bianchi had just ended their partnership and were releasing wonderful new products at breakneck speed under their own new company names. To compete, Gallagher had to somehow do better than these two industry giants.

The result of Gallagher’s sweat and labor was some very unique holster designs that were the very best of the best. From the beginning I’ve been using Galco products. I can show you my own Galco holsters made 35 years ago that are still 100% serviceable and handsome as ever. Galco grew with many of the first employees who are still with the company today. I can remember long time, senior sales rep, Bob Hansen who once swept and cleaned for Gallagher after school in order to make a little pocket money. Galco was and is a family of fine folks. As luck would have it I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and shortly found I had a new neighbor. Galco Gunleather relocated to Phoenix and has never been far away from me.


When I first became a cop there was a very troubling statistic involving cops killed in the line of duty. Over half were killed with their own service weapons. The bad guys were able to snatch weapons right out of cop’s holsters and use them. That all changed with the modern designs that were made snatch resistant. There can be no questions that Galco's often imitated products have saved lives.

Visit Galco’s website and check out their great products…


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