Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life saving police equipment is not always a gun…

Dealing with any threat is a challenge and you’d think working in darkness just adds to the problem. Your tactical response and survival odds may just improve, that is if you have the right equipment.

The only shooting I was involved in happened in darkness where there was not even a streetlight. I had a somewhat useless, ordinary flashlight with nearly expired batteries with me on that fateful night.

I was attacked by a man with a .45 semi-auto Colt Gold Cup I was pistol whipped and bleeding when I ordered him to drop his gun and fired away with my little .38 S&W Bodyguard. I won that contest and survived. I also had to live with the regret that it ever happened.

I later learned this shooting may have been a needless exercise. In hindsight, had I one of the really bright SUREFIRE FLASHLIGHTS that hit the market a few years later, I could have temporarily destroyed my attackers vision and left his immediate area and called for the troops. I believe that the shooting would have been avoided had I the proper equipment.

Now I don’t leave home without a SUREFIRE LIGHT.

One of the high profile team leaders of Surefire is Corporate Development boss, Cameron Hopkins. Hopkins is the same man that was the editor of American Handgunner Magazine for many years. While visiting with Hopkins and the others from Surefire, it’s easy to understand why Surefire sets the industry standard.

Here’s Bill, he’s one of Hopkin’s trainers when he’s not patrolling the mean streets of Southern California. In the video below, Bill explains how the new breed of lights developed at SUREFIRE can save lives.


Anonymous said...

Good story on a great product!

Anonymous said...

Nice story Paul...I'm a Chicago cop so I want one for nothing....LOL